Saturday, December 17, 2011

[Link] What Corrina Lawson Learned Watching the Big Valley

Insp Channel have been running The Big Valley, a television western from 1965-69 that holds up extremely well despite it’s age. I wrote a longer story about why you should love the show for Sequential Tart but I’ve been learning new things every day from the show and wanted to list them.

1. Do Not Make the Matriarch Angry.
Victoria Barkley, the matriarch of the clan, is played by Barbara Stanwyck and she’s awesome. But in the episodes I’ve seen, Victoria has been a mean shot with a rifle (her body count must be in the double digits at least), driven a rig cross-country to deliver medical supplies to the Indian reservation, protected a group of women being pursued by bad guys, took down two murderers chasing her and her daughter while unarmed, got involved in a sex scandal with a politician, fought her way out of an underground cave.

For good measure, she’s a mean cook too. I think she and Cordelia Naismith would get along very well.

2. Fighting is the Best Way to Make Friends
I learned this from Nick, the hot-tempered middle brother. There are conditions. One, you have to fight with someone the first time you meet them, thus allowing time to make friends later. Nick does this at least four times in the episodes I’ve watched so far, including the first time he meets his new brother, Heath, and with Pernell Roberts, doing a very bad Irish accent.

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