Friday, December 2, 2011

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#6) -- Lance Star

Your Lance Star: Sky Ranger story in Volume 3 is called “Dance With The 
Devil.” What can you tell us about this story? --

It’s the first appearance in Lance’s world of a true femme fatale, Monique San Diablo, who could be a spy, a thief, a double agent, a potential lover, a confidante or any number of things. I think Lance needed a character who could challenge his notions of good and evil and who could blur the lines in between them and get his motor running in a way that actually makes him consider—even for a mere moment—cheating on Betty. We all know he’s too virtuous to actually do it (Or is he?) but every hero needs that person who tempts him to walk at least a little on the wild side. From there the story gets dangerous fast, with Nazis, stolen paintings from the Louvre, the French police, and even a chase through the catacombs beneath Paris. Beyond that, well, that would spoil the fun of reading it for yourself.