Monday, February 13, 2012

[Link] Horton Hears a Huckster

by Nancy Hansen

There’s no doubt in my mind that pulp is still very much alive and kicking here in 2012. It’s a time-tested formula for storytelling, with big adventures taken on by larger than life people facing the nastiest of villains in the most trying circumstances. Since mankind first told stories while seated around fires and started drawing on rocks and cave walls, we’ve wanted to share with the world our notions about heroic deeds and great events. I can imagine, as those stories got passed around and handed down through the generations, they were embellished upon and added to until a successful hunt with someone getting wouned turned into an almost supernatural battle between the forces of nature and mankind. We humans have a long and ongoing reverence for the courageous quest where the outcome is uncertain throughout, but at the end, the good guys triumphed after all. There is no reason a greater portion of the mainstream reading audience won’t enjoy more of that. So why aren’t they beating a path to our books and snapping them up?

They can’t find us… in fact they hardly know that we exist. We’re clinging to the underbelly wool of the colossal cyclopean entertainment market, and we blend right in.

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