Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#77) -- Families and Writing

What does your family think of your writing?

L-R: Lisa, Jack, Charis, Evan, ugly ol' me
My wife is actually the person who has supported me through my writing career thus far. And as much as she'd prefer that I make more money at it, she's still understanding and very supportive (as long as I don't let us starve).

My daughter thinks it's cool that I get to travel to so many conventions and that she gets to go with me and that I was able to help her connect with an artist to publish her first comic book story. But no matter how much or what I end up writing, as her dad, I'll never really be cool.

My sons, I guess, don't really think about it much as all, since my writing career is neither a collectible card game nor a video game. (Addendum: After reading this to my boys, they conceded that they do in fact like my writing.)

My parents are supportive, but probably wish I'd write something other than pulp and comic books. I'm sure my mom would love for me to write something Oprah could get behind, and my dad would probably get a kick out me writing something set in the Civil War (providing it didn't involve super heroes, aliens, or zombies, that is -- hmmm... now there's an idea).