Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Link] March is for Monsters Giveaway!

 by John Hartness

I’ve enrolled all the Bubba the Monster Hunter stories (except Cat Scratch Fever, because it’s new and I want you Nook owners to be able to get the story) in Kindle Select through April, and I’m going to use the month of March to work on really seeing what I can do with this program from Amazon. Now I’m no Scott Nicholson, so don’t expect me to be giving away no ten Kindle Fires or anything like that, but I do think giving away one Kindle Fire is not out of the question. So I’m working on a giveaway, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Watch this space for more details!

Here’s the schedule for the free Bubba stuff -

Ho-Ho-Homicide – Free March 20-22

Tassels of Terror – Free March 27-29

And Bloggers – you can get entries just by posting, tweeting, sharing or otherwise helping publicize this giveaway!

For more info: