Sunday, April 8, 2012

Step up to the microphone! Updated article list.

Wow. Have we been busy or what?!

Here's your updated article list for the blog.

Individual Interviews:

Oh the Horror... of Robert Freese

Getting to know the man behind the man in (no) tights -- Ian Watson

Digging Up the Deadly With Bobby Nash

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Van Allen Plexico!

Cowboys, and Pirates, and Cannibals, Oh Ed Erdelac!

Getting to know the Air Chief... Ron Fortier!

Prose and Bullets with Tommy Hancock!

Monsters and Bullets: Getting to Know Perry Constantine

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem -- Catching Up with Lee Houston Jr.

Wheelin' and Dillon with Derrick Ferguson

The Weird Tale of Michael Vance

Shelagh Watkins' Writing Machine

Murder on Her Mind -- The World of Krystal Rollins

Reese's Pieces... The Fictional World of Barry Reese

D. A. Adams and the (Lot More Than Seven) Dwarves

Visionary, Editor, Writer, Storyteller -- Allan Gilbreath

Chuck Dixon: The Best Damn Comic Book Writer Ever

Artfully Rendered -- Mike Henderson

Nancy Hansen's Way

Alan Lewis' Bloody Garden

A Punch and a Jab with Paul Bishop

Ed Crandell's Wild, Weird West

To the Point -- A Quick Chat with William D. Prystauk

Chuck Miller's One Hundred Legs of Death

James R. Tuck -- The Man Behind the Deacon

James Palmer and the Love for the Stories

Roundtable Interviews:

Why Do You Write... Pulp?

Pulp with Pictures

Looking Out for Number One... or Is That Number Two? Writing for Yourself or For the Fans?

Hey You, Open the Book! -- What Makes an Effective Cover?

How Epic is Epic? -- Working with "Epic" Storylines

Everything Old is New Again... Too New

Childhood Books and Movies: When You Can't Go Home Again

Straight Talk About Origin Stories

An Issue Too Long? How Long Should a "Typical" Comic Book Arc Be?

Comics to Prose: From Four Colors to Black Text

Pulps to Comics: A Bridge or a Chasm?

Running on Feet of Clay -- How Bad Can a Hero Be and Still Be a Good Guy?

How Dangerous a Mask Can Be -- The Fascination with the Masked Hero in Pulps

A Walk on the Dark Side: Writing Believable Villains

The Pulp Writers and Fans Roundtable About Comic Books

Genre-Bending: How Pure Should Pulp Fiction Be?

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow—In What Time Period Does Pulp Fit Best?

Type. Type. (Stereo)Type: Taming the Familiar Beast

Bullets vs. Bonding -- Balancing action and characterization in pulp fiction

Writing Pet Peeves: A Roundtable

Other Featured Articles:

Femme Fatales—An Obsession Dissected

The Cover Story -- Pulps Should Shock and Grab You!

How Bad Guys Die by I.A. Watson

The Twitter Writing Tips Sessions

On Heriones by I.A. Watson

There’s No Place Like Home – When Being Likeable Was Enough by Selah Janel