Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#184) -- Favorite Collaborators

Who are some of your favorite collaborators you've worked with on projects?

The easy answer is "all of them."

But if I have to pick favorites, I'll come up with three, two from comics and one from prose.

JP Dupras and I worked together on several Fishnet Angel comic book projects, including the Jane Doe miniseries from Shooting Star Comics. He had a knack for taking my descriptions and making the pages look exactly as I saw them in my head.

Bobby Nash and I worked together to create the story bible and characters for Rick Ruby and his cast of friends and enemies from The Ruby Files published by Airship 27. We've also been published together in several other books, from Lance Star Vol. 3 to All Star Pulp Comics. He's so easy to work with and we think enough alike that it almost fills like we share one brain when we're co-creating.
And finally, Martheus Wade and I worked together on IDW's The Bad Girls Club: And Illustrated Adventure, and we're currently working on a new project for the publisher based on the works of H.G. Wells, called A Stitch in Time: The Return of the Invisible Man. In addition to that, we're also visiting the world of Jetta with a new series featuring Turra: Gun Angel next year. He's a master of drawing the pretty girls that make the boys cry.