Sunday, August 26, 2012



Greetings Fight Card Team and friends of Fight Card ...
We are pleased to announce our brand new Fight Card website:
Thx and appreciation to Jeremy Brown (author of the dynamite MMA themed Suckerpunch, the upcoming sequel Hook and Shoot, and one of the first Fight Card MMA novels for publication next year) who volunteered his skills and patience to make the site a reality.  As always there are still a few tweaks to be made as we add more Fight Card authors, books, links, and other content to the site, but please take a look and tell us what your initial thoughts are ... Suggestions and ideas are always welcome -- This is a team effort.
In other Fight Card news, our next title (September 1st) is Bluff City Brawler from Heath Lowrance, followed by The Knockout from Robert Randisi, Irish Dukes from Mike Faricy, and Rock-Face Bred from Robert Evans.
David Foster is busy working on the next issue of Fight Fictioneers, which will also premiere in September.  Be sure to check out David's new fight fiction short story, Bushwhacked (written as James Hopwood and his retro-spy novel, The Libro Deception (also written as James Hopwood
We have a number of big things planned for Fight Card in 2013, including the premiere of Fight Card MMA and other Fight Card brands.
Thanks to all of you who have helped support the Fight Card novels on your blogs and with reviews.  And thanks to the Fight Card Jack Tunneys who continue to astound me with the quality of their prose and the high standard of storytelling.  Great work!