Friday, August 24, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#214) -- Marvel Reboot

With all the information online about the Marvel Comics 
reboot, what would you do if you were editor's chair?

Okay. Here's what I'd do. Cancel all titles, and make a clean break with a hard reboot like DC had between the Golden Age and Silver Age. Sure, longtime fans would hate me at first, but I think we might win them over eventually. 

The Abominable Hulk
The bloodline of Bruce Banner can’t be stopped either, and when the aging daughter of Bruce and Betty Ross dies during childbirth, the baby is a tiny bundle of green. Raised by S.H.E.I.L.D., the child grows up to become one of the agencies top agents. But on his 21st birthday, everything starts to change as he begins to begin transforming into an even more powerful monster with a terrible rage. Can he control his changes or will he become just another monster to be hunted down by his friends?

The Amazing Scarlet Spider
Andrew Osborne Reilly is the grandson of Harry Osborne and the son of Ben Reilly. Now he’s being trained by Kaine to take over the mantle of the Scarlet Spider so that Kaine can finally die and rest. Or so he’s been told. But the truth could be far more sinister.

Marvel’s greatest new heroes band together to battle the foes none of them can handle alone. The Hulk, Nightdevil, Iron Maiden, Marvel 3, Foom, Scarlet Spider, Gorgilla,
Sif and Hammer are the Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Brotherhood of X
When the Legacy virus returned with a vengeance, mutants died. Period. All of them. Now, a full generation later, some teens are having signs of mutations again, and it’s up to Jubilee and Random (thanks to the Scarlet Witch) to train this new generation of mutants and help them learn how to defend and protect not just themselves both all of humanity. Only, other ex-mutants are also tracking them down to build a new army of mutants in the name of the long-dead Magneto.

Deathlock vs. The M.A.C.H.I.N.E. Corps
In a bunker beneath Mt. Rushmore, a computer awakens and runs the Pym Protocol. It brings back to “life” three powerful androids: Vision, X-51 and Jocasta. Their purpose: To hunt down and destroy the human training to become the new nuclear-powered Deathlock.

The Fantastics
While trying to cure their mutations with gamma rays, teen super-scientists Angelique, Hammer, Silk and Bubble trigger a second mutation that traps them in severely mutated forms. Hammer becomes a man of living metal with no sense of touch. Angelique’s arms mutate into wings and her feet become like those of birds. Silk loses her 3rd dimension and becomes a living flattened figure with the consistence of cloth. Bubble’s body breaks down into a mass of attached spheres, and within each sphere is the power to alter the laws of physics, but only within the space of the sphere.

Goblin Force
Is it a strange coincidence when the twin granddaughters of the original Hobgoblin and the grandson of Flash Thompson meet at college? Or is it the machinations of someone who wants them together for some ulterior purpose? And when they “accidentally” discover a lab filled with Hobgoblin and Green Goblin armor, what then? Will they turn hero, villain, or just college kids out for a wild ride?

Hydra Unhinged
Thomas Martin was just a grunt at Hydra until the day he let it slip that he had doubts. That’s the day Hydra killed his family. Now the former Hydra grunt fights alongside other secret defectors to bring down the organization from the inside.

Iron Maiden
Emily Jarvis knows her grandfather worked for the Avengers back in the day, and she learned a great deal at the side of her godfather Tony Stark, Jr. But when Tony’s life is on the line, Emily must rebuild and upgrade the Iron Man armor to protect Stark from those who would make him a target. 

Man-Thing and the Monsters
The nexus of all realities is coming apart. And only the Man-Thing can repair the damage. But he’s not exactly himself. And only the monsters of the new Marvel Universe can put him back together in time to save all of well, everything. See The Frankenstein monster, Morbius the Living Vampire, the new Ghost Rider, Gorgilla, Grottu and Werewolf by Night work together (we hope) to restore Man-Thing and save the world.

The Warriors were a street gang who was just like any other gang—at least until the day they were captured by Kree and subjected to tests that killed most of the gang. Those who escaped found themselves changed and charged with new powers, and are taking the fight to the far corners of the galaxy to exterminate every Kree they can find. As Marvel Prime and Marvels 2-6, they are torn between the responsibilities of using their new powers for good and getting vengeance.

Evading the Legacy virus, Nightcrawler escaped into the dimension through which he teleports and remained there until he died. His son, however, born blind from the atmosphere and chemicals in the dimension, ventures to the regular world to search for his mother. Questions abound, the chief one being why did she leave his father for the regular world so many years ago?

The Power of Foom
Isaac Benton is a normal preteen boy. Fin Fang Foom is a dragon. When Foom is sentenced by the celestial courts for his crimes, he is bound to the form of Isaac Benton. Now the two much learn to co-exist and share one life to meet the terms of the sentence, and to protect the boy and his family from Foom’s enemies that see him as an easy target.

Punisher America
When the registration act was re-instated for good, the U.S. Government needed someone to enforce it. That man is Punisher America, judge, jury and executioner. With legal backing. But who is he, or was he? Not even he knows. And when he learns the truth, his vengeance will hit every level of the government.

The Sensational Spider-Woman
Who is the amazing six-armed woman swinging above New York’s skyline in the traditional red and blue costume of the long-dead Spider-Man? And what is her tie to the Parker bloodline? And why do the Fantastics and the Avengers want to capture her?

Sif, Goddess of Thunder Everything
Ragnarok has hit, and it leaves Asgard devastated. The sole survivor of the gods, Sif must master the power of Thor and the other dead gods in order to rebuild that world of the Norse gods. Only, fighting villains is a lot easier than creating a religion based on old warrior gods. But without faith, her world will never return.

Having been plucked from an alternate timeline and kept alive in stasis on Murderworld, the T-bolts are back and on the run from Mojo and his cameras. Citizen V, Baron Zemo (What?! Both? Yeah.), Songbird, Mach-12, Atlas, Jolt, Techno, Meterorite and Hawkeye journey through the galaxy to try to return to Earth, even if it’s not the Earth they remember. But when they’re caught in the middle of a galaxy-spanning war, will they be forced to choose sides and delay their journey home?

A band of former mutants who lost their powers in House of M, led by Marrow and Spike, search the decimated wastelands of what used to be the Australian continent for the lost fragments of the Phoenix Force to repower the mutant race. Along the way, they encounter monsters and mutations brought about not by atomic testing like the old movies, but by the infusion of Phoenix energy in the land ecosystem itself.