Monday, September 3, 2012

Update on My Wife

The love of my life. I'm thrilled she's well.
I know I don't usually use this blog to post about personal or family matters, but since several folks has asked for updates about my wife's recent surgery, I figured I'd use this spot to post and update.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and thoughts over the past days. Lisa is home and recuperating well.

For those who have been out of the loop, on Friday morning, as I was preparing for Dragon*Con, the love of my life and best friend (and wife) Lisa Taylor informed me that I needed to take her to the emergency room for some pain in her side. So, being a good husband, I did. After some dropping off, racing kids to school, and getting my author amiga Elizabeth Donald to MARTA to make Dragon*Con herself, I finally made my way back to the hospital to find Lisa in the middle of an MRI.

When the results indicated an appendicitis, doctors rushed my love into the emergency room and took out the infected organ (I assume to place it in a jar near her missing gall bladder they removed years ago), and admitted her to the hospital.

Rampant drug use and a restful night later, they released her to go home, all better. Well, except for the surgery-related after-pain, that is. But that's what the happy pills are for.

So, long story nearing the end, she's currently recovering nicely and not lifting anything like the doctor told her.

Again, thanks for all your calls, thoughts, and prayers. We both really appreciate them.