Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#236) -- Group Retreat

Yesterday you wrote about an ideal personal retreat as a writer.
What would be your ideal group retreat for yourself and other writers?

Having attended several writers' conventions, which tend to be more about breakout sessions and group-back-patting dinners, I would truly love to find a place to really relax and strip away the writer costume to the person beneath and shoot straight with a group of like-minded creators and artists.

For me, that group would have to be inclusive for other art styles, not just writers. I'd love to be in a place with painters and artists and writers and _______________, to chew the fat about all kinds of questions that lead to art, not just discussions about the semantics, dynamics, and processes of writing.

Also, in a perfect world, this retreat would be in the mountains. I find the mountains incredibly relaxing and great for removing stress from my thoughts, if not also my body. 

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