Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[Link] Hancock's Points and Peeves-Know The Story You're Telling- All of Them!

Yes, it's time once again for the man behind the curtain to offer advice and observations that in the grand scheme of things that will likely never allow you to afford a cup of coffee, even if you had a few bucks to it.   Since I went against the grain of such columns last time by kicking it off with a peeve, let's set the balance straight with a point, which is supposed to be the positive aspect of this little exercise.

Writers tell tales.  It's what we do.  Most of us do it even when we're not putting pen to paper.  Whether it's bending the ear of some unwitting fool who asks, "So, what do you write about?" or if it's entertaining kids in a classroom or alleviating boredom across a dinner table, we are full of stories to share, wondrous adventures and poignant observations.  Writers live for the story.

Except, sometimes writers get confused as to where the actual story is.

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