Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kerlak annouces a story call for the new pirate story anthology!

A Tall Ship, A Star, and Plunder.

Story Call for the new pirate story anthology!

Get out your quill and parchment and give us your best. Following the success of many other anthologies at Dark Oak Press / Kerlak Publishing, we are swashbuckling our way into a new genre.

If you are not familiar with the history and literature associated with piracy, please take a look at what is current as well as what is classic, such as Robert Louis Stephenson's Treasure Island, to get an idea of what we are after. Don't limit yourself to classical, argh, Caribbean pirates as the history of piracy has been around as long as there have been ships plying the seas with anything that might be valuable enough to take by force. Piracy was already old when a young Julius Caesar was held hostage by pirates in the Mediterranean and will likely still be around when merchant vessels are traveling the galaxy with cargoes of potential plunder. Piracy is equally probable on other worlds and galaxies and could easily cross into a variety of genres be it steampunk, scifi, fantasy or what have you. Be inventive, but if you choose to place your story in an historical era, and I hope many of you do, be historically accurate. Also remember that the story must be primarily about pirates or piracy. Don't let the particular setting carry you away from the theme of the anthology.

Please do not make references to or use copyrighted characters from other known sources. We will only accept unpublished, original works, characters, and plots. Please keep the stories relatively clean.

We aren't looking for content that is gory, sexually explicit, or rife with expletives and profanity, think of pirates for all ages.

Due to the massive number of submissions, please pay very close attention to all the submission guidelines. Any submission with excessive formatting, spelling, grammatical, or editing issues will be disqualified as soon as the errors are evident.

Good luck, and may the wind be in your favor, blowing you toward good pickings.

Story Call Deadline: June 15, 2013
Please include on the front page of your manuscript:
Name (and pen name, if you desire)
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Number of words (2,000 min. - 9,000 max.)
Short bio of 350 words or fewer.

Submissions should be made in standard, double-spaced, manuscript format, using only one font (preferably Times New Roman 12pt).

Stories are to be e-mailed to as a MS Word .doc or .rtf (rich text format) attachment.

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