Monday, February 11, 2013

New Schedule for Posting!

As deadlines loom and my life continues to spiral out of control (the mark of a busy writer, I'm hoping), in an effort to help you find what you're looking for here on the blog (and keep me somewhat sane), I've put together a new schedule of what posts will come out when.

On Mondays, I'll continue my "best of" series. Currently we're looking at the 30 best graphic novels. Future "best of" lists will include genre books, endings, etc.

Tuesdays will be the day for the week's installment of "The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now," in which I'll respond to your questions about my writing itself or my writing habits or my inspirations, etc.

Thursdays will continue to be the day I post the Writer Roundtable interviews. As these tend to be the favorite and most visited segments on the blog, trust me, they're not going anywhere.

The Rest of the Week
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the best days to find all those helpful links about publishing and/or writing and the targeted press releases about upcoming/available books, etc. available from the Heavy hitters (see list on the right).