Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #277 -- There Can Only Be One

If you could be remembered for only ONE of your short stories, 
novellas, or comic books, which one would it be and why?

There can only be one? Well, that really sucks.
Ouch. This one is going to hurt. A lot.


Just one. Wow. This is tough.

I'm proudest of my work on Gene Simmons Dominatrix because I love that I was able to take what could have been a laughable idea and turn it into a compelling and critically acclaimed tale.

I most enjoy my work with the award-winning Rick Ruby (The Ruby Files) because Rick is such a fun character to write.

But if I could only choose one work, I'd have to go with (drum roll please) "Once Upon a Time." The story originally appeared in Cyber Age Adventures magazine and was also included in my Show Me A Hero short story collection.


Because the idea of that story still resonates with me. The idea that with all her powers, Starlight can't stop the onset of leukemia in her oldest son unless she makes a deal with one of her deadliest foes, still holds water for me. But what still gets me the most is the way the hero of the tale is Tad, her son, not the Starlight the super-powered heroine.

And it still makes me cry. Pretty much every time I read it.