Monday, May 6, 2013

Pro Se Press announces new submissions at the Pro Se Open!

The Pro Se Open is a list of Anthologies that Pro Se plans to do in the future. This is an open call on all the books listed in the Open, that is anyone can submit a story for any of the books in the list. For some of the anthologies, there is no deadline essentially, that is until all the slots open in any given book are filled. However, some will have deadlines attached and these will be noted by each individual title.

The Process will be as follows-

1. An upcoming Anthology is listed in the Pro Se Open.

2. Submissions are accepted (a 2-3 paragraph proposal for the story and at least a two page writing sample if you are a new writer submitting to Pro Se)

3. When the slots for the collection are all filled, a deadline for story completion will be set of approximately ninety days from the closing of the anthology. This will give writers time to complete their tales, artists time to do covers, etc.

Even though the deadline will be 2-3 months out once a book is closed, Editors assigned to these projects will follow up, monitor, and make sure work is being done. Steps will be taken to move the anthology along as planned if work is not being done in a timely manner. This means, however, that until all the slots are filled on an anthology in The Pro Se Open, it will remain open, but it is Pro Se's commitment that once all the works are in for a particular collection, that that collection move into high gear toward publication, regardless of current publishing schedule.

The Pro Se Open will be updated periodically as to adding new collections and removing ones that have been filled.


New Anthologies to the Pro Se Open are as Follows-

ONCE UPON A SIX GUN- Jesse James and the Three Bears… The Little Gunfighter….The Sheriff and the Pea… Little Billy the Kid…Get the picture? Blend REAL western characters in with ACTUAL fairy tales, we don’t care what country the tale comes from, but it must be authentic and it must include a real Western cowboy type. These are not retellings in a Western setting….We want Fairy Tales meets Cowboys! 10,000 word stories, 3 slots open. TWO STORIES SUBMITTED/APPROVED, ONE MORE SLOT OPEN

PULPTERNATIVE!- This is your chance to write Pulpy tales based in completely alternate histories! Have Julius Caesar discover America. Have a milk truck run over Hitler when he’s three. Have Montezuma take over most of the known world. Whatever you want to have happen that isn’t what our history says it is, do so…but here’s the rule…These have to be clearly Pulp tales. No grand philosophizing or comment on society today (unless you can slip it into a pulp cover and get it past us), just pure grade Pulp in histories that might have happened. 10,000 word stories, 3 slots open.

THE DAME DID IT- This is an anthology aimed at Writers interested in the Hard Boiled and/or the Noir. Time period and setting do not matter, but these stories must be two fisted, gun shooting hard core action with one other rule. The Hero and/or the Villain must be female. In other words either the Dame solves it or She is the source of the crime/problem. And no gals playing second fiddle to the male hero or villain either. A woman must take center stage as either the protagonist, antagonist, or both. 10,000 word stories, 3 slots open.

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