Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Link] What makes a ‘strong female character’?

by Andrea Judy

What bothers me about this is that it seems like any time someone mentions a ‘strong female character’ it’s because she fights. She is a badass who can fight with the boys, who shoots, kicks, and punches with the best of them. She’s tough, no nonsense, and physically strong.

But is that the only way to present a strong character?

I want characters that are smart, clever, and bad at something. I want a character who can whip anyone in a game of chess, but has never been in a fist fight. I want to see the female computer hacker save the day without having to blow up everything, without having to be rescued 8 times, and without having to prove she’s strong by breaking something…especially if that has never been her character. If she’s never been shown to fight, or been shown to be awful at fighting, don’t make her a kung fu master just to show ‘Hey, look at this strong female character!’

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