Monday, June 24, 2013

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #279 -- Man of Steel

What did you think about the Man of Steel movie?

I do believe Man of Steel is the movie Avengers could have been if there had ever really been any true sense of impending death and danger during the big city fight scene. 

That's still my biggest beef with Avengers -- not once did I ever feel like any citizen or hero's life was in danger even while a city was being destroyed. It was more like a child knocking Lego buildings around with his Mego action figures. 

One the other hand, Man of Steel was about a war initiated by alien forces, and in war people die and are wounded, and you only win them by being soldiers. 

To beat the bad guys, you become a vigilante, you win a war, you become a soldier. 

And that, my friends, is why Man of Steel gets it right. In it, SuperBOY becomes a SuperMAN and has to make tough, truly meaningful, life-altering choices that help shape the man he is willing to become and not willing to become again.