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One of the most popular characters in the New Pulp Movement comes to life a whole new way, thanks to Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher in cutting edge Genre Fiction.  In conjunction with Pulpwork Press, an independent publishing house responsible for fantastic genre works ranging from guitar pulp to the weird western and beyond, Pro Se Productions proudly presents YOUNG DILLON IN THE HALLS OF SHAMBALLAH.

Dillon.  A character created by noted Award Winning New Pulp Author Derrick Ferguson and a name that means many thing to many people. Adventurer. Hero. Rogue. Nemesis. Friend.

But even a man who is a legend in his own time started somewhere.  Even Dillon was young once. And now the story of Young Dillon begins as a part of Pro Se’s Youngpulp! imprint.

“You don’t talk about New Pulp,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Production stated, “and not discuss Dillon.  Not only has Derrick breathed life into a hero cast in the classic ‘all man, all adventure’ mold, but also he’s created a character with history, passion, and his own unique aspects.   Dillon has his own swagger and style and, although it reminds a reader of other characters, Derrick makes it all Dillon.   And now, with YOUNG DILLON, readers get to see the boy that grows into the man we all clamor for new stories about.  It’s really exciting to have Derrick bring the world of Dillon to our YoungPulp! line.   With its focus on introducing younger readers to the excitement of adventure Pulp like fiction, YoungPulp! is the perfect venue to tell the stories of Dillon’s early adventures.”

YOUNG DILLON IN THE HALLS OF SHAMBALLAH pulls back the curtain on the past of a modern day hero. Many are the legends that have been told about Dillon, but none are stranger than the whispers of his having been raised in the mythical and eternal city of Shamballah and his training by those deadliest of adepts in the martial arts, the Warmasters of Liguria.

Now, at last, the true story behind those legends can be told.

This is a story of a Dillon and the events and people who would forge him into the man we know.  This is a story of a Dillon in the days before his feet were set on the path that would lead him to the wildest adventures of them all.  And it is itself an incredible adventure in its own right.  This is the story of YOUNG DILLON IN THE HALLS OF SHAMBALLAH. And, once you’ve read it, you and Dillon will never be the same.

YOUNG DILLON IN THE HALLS OF SHAMBALLAH,  featuring an introduction by well known author Gary Philips, and a terrific cover by Sean E. Ali with logo and design work by Percival Constantine is now available on Amazon and at the Pro Se Store at for $9.00. The digest novel is also available as an Ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and for $2.99.

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