Saturday, May 24, 2014


Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge of Publisher of Genre Fiction, welcomes popular New Pulp Author, Percival Constantine, creator of The Myth Hunter novel series, as one of the charter authors for the new Pro Se Single Shot Signature line to debut this month. Constantine will pen a series for the digital single imprint entitled ‘Luther Cross’

“When I first heard of the Pro Se Single Shots, “ says Constantine, “I thought it was a brilliant way to take advantage of the ebook format in a way that allows for different types of storytelling. Serialized short stories are a staple of the pulps, and it's wonderful that technology now allows authors to experiment with a different format, as well as giving readers an affordable opportunity to enjoy a large quantity of quality tales.

The title character, Luther Cross, is a paranormal investigator who wages a war against the things that go bump in the night. He's a character inspired by the likes of the Winchester Brothers, John Constantine, and Daimon Hellstrom. The offspring of a demon, Cross is armed with a lifetime of studies dedicated to the occult, a degree of magic competence, and demonic abilities.

Percival Constantine is proud to be part of the New Pulp movement as an author, editor, and book formatter. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Percival has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Mass Media from Northeastern Illinois University and currently lives in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture, where he also works as a literature and writing instructor. His first book, Fallen, was published in 2007 and he has since written a number of other works for PulpWork Press, Pro Se Productions, Airship 27, and others. He’s perhaps most well-known for two of his pulp series, Infernum and The Myth Hunter. View all of Percival’s books here.

Percival is also a contributor for WhatCulture and GaijinPot, as well as the Regional Partner for Kagoshima at JapanTravel. You can connect with Percival on Twitter at @PerConstantine, subscribe to his Facebook page, or follow him on Goodreads. His website is

Percival Constantine’s ‘Luther Cross’ will debut in June 2014.

Percival also hosts The Exploding Typewriter: Pulp Writers on Writing Pulp, a podcast featuring various New Pulp creators discussing their craft. He also co-hosts The Geek Screen podcast with John Bracich, where the two comment on movie and TV adaptations of comic books.

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