Sunday, June 1, 2014


An independent publisher of cutting edge Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions announces the print release of the latest title from its Youngpulp! imprint- THE ADVENTURES OF PEABODY RICH!

“It’s absolutely cool,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se Productions says, “to be able to bring such great concepts as THE ADVENTURES OF PEABODY RICH to young readers as well as adult readers alike. Donna creates this really neat character and drops him right into the middle of an adventure that tests every skill he has and even requires abilities unique to him in the story. And to have this book written by a teacher, one who involved students in the writing process with her the whole way, makes THE ADVENTURES OF PEABODY RICH an even better addition to YoungPulp!”

Peabody Rich is a boy with an unusual problem; he remembers everything he sees. When his mentor is attacked on the Wartley University campus near Washington, D.C., Peabody and his friends are unknowingly put in danger. With their parents out of the country on business and their sitter in jail for attempted murder, Peabody and his friends must use his “gifts” to unravel a clue and find his mentor’s attackers. They must avoid the police finding out they are on their own, outsmart school and museum officials, and outrun thugs in a high speed chase through Washington, D.C. to get to the bottom of what’s been going on at Wartley University.

Little do they know that while they are hunting for answers, Tobias is hunting for them.

THE ADVENTURES OF PEABODY RICH by Donna Smith is a part of Pro Se Productions Youngpulp! imprint. Aimed at introducing younger audiences to the style of Pulp Fiction while providing them with engaging tales, YoungPulp! features stories from all genres written both appropriately and intelligently for Young Readers to discover, enjoy, and explore! Written with intelligence and style that adults can appreciate as well, YoungPulp! aims to add to the growing numbers of Genre Fiction and New Pulp Fans with tales that excite and appeal to pre teen and adolescent readers.

Featuring an awesome cover by Jeff Hayes and formatting and design by David Foster, THE ADVENTURES OF PEABODY RICH is available now at Amazon and Pro Se’s own store at for $12.00. The ebook edition designed and formatted by Russ Anderson will be available in the coming days at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

Remember to get your copy of THE ADVENTURES OF PEABODY RICH today! New from Pro Se Productions.

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