Monday, June 23, 2014

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #291 -- Famous Last Words (Personalized)

What are you favorite closing lines and endings from you're own work?

"She scrolled down and began to compare the two."
-- "Posthumous," Zombiesque

"Rick let go of the crutch and fell back onto her bed.
"'Oh boy. I should've tried harder to get killed.'
"'Like I'd let you get off that easy.'"
-- "Die Giftig Lilie," The Ruby Files Volume 1

"He locked his eyes on the doorway and walked toward it, then through it, then disappeared into the Ethiopian dust."
-- "There's Always a Woman Involved," Blood-Price of the Missionary's Gold, The New Adventures of Armless O'Neil

"The air above her rippled and spoke in the hateful voice of her half-sister, 'Mirror, mirror on the wall...'"
-- "The Fairest of Them All: A Symphony of Revenge," Classics Mutilated

"As she closed her eyes, the room faded to a blur, and within moments her world consisted of the sweat-soaked, dirty cotton of Kayla's dress, then even that faded away and there was nothing but the sound of Kayla's labored breathing, then moments later, even that disappeared."
-- "Come and Get Your Love," Tales of the Rook Volume Two

"Maybe this was his last foolish joke.
"My husband was a fool. And God help me, now I am."
-- "Foolish Notions," Show Me a Hero

"There wasn't a single damn dove around for miles."
-- "Farewell," Show Me a Hero

"'He wasn't fast enough,' I repeated. Then I let myself fall asleep."
-- "Limits," Show Me a Hero

"And he could make the fire dance."
-- "Angels of Our Better Nature," Show Me a Hero