Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Down and Dirty Feature Article List

Geez. That's a bunch of articles. Maybe we need to compile some of this stuff into a book. It would certainly make one heck of a thick, heavy doorstop, that's for sure.

As always, if you're looking for an article about a particular topic, please feel free to use the handy-dandy tags running down the right side of the blog below the links.

Roundtable Interviews:

The OP Hero -- Balancing Plot and Character

Hot Lead and Dead Steel? What about Westerns?

The Cover Story -- What Makes Book Covers Work?

The Butt End of the Book -- Ending a Story

What's My Motivation?

Violence and Gore -- Write Less or Write More?

Fictional World Building in Action/Adventure Stories

Building Fantasy Worlds in Fiction

The Opening Salvo -- Grabbing Readers from the First Sentence

The Wayback Machine -- WWY(ou)D

Mine or Yours: The Comic Book Edition

Mine or Yours: New Characters vs. Existing Characters

Pulps and Race -- A Writer's Roundtable

Filling Your Basket With Literary Easter Eggs

Dream Up the Next DC JLA Event -- A Fan Roundtable

Going Public About the Public Domain

Is Writing Really Re-Writing?

Plotting and Pantsing: A Writers' Roundtable

Marrying Plot and Character

Bibbity, Bloggity, Boo -- Writers Who Blog

The Illusion of Change -- The Comics and Pulp Conundrun

Bullets vs. Bonding -- Balancing action and characterization in pulp fiction

Can White Men Jump? Writing Other Races and Genders Than Your Own

Tales to Keep You In... Suspense!

What makes a horror book scary?

Words and Art: Finding the Right Blend in Comic Book Scriptwriting

Killing or Kissing the Muse -- Writers on Finding Inspiration

Breaking New Ground in New Pulp

We're Here To Pump Your Characters Up

The Hero's Journey -- To Campbell Or Not To Campbell

Getting Under the Hero's Skin -- Writers on Villains

Getting the First and Last Word -- Story Openings and Endings

Re-Writing the Old Familiar

The Horror of It All -- Writers on Being Scary with Words

Science Fiction, Space Fantasy, and the World of Speculative Storytelling

Making the Fantasy Fantastic

The Story Behind Urban Fantasy

Why Do You Write... Pulp?

Pulp with Pictures

Looking Out for Number One... or Is That Number Two? Writing for Yourself or For the Fans?

Hey You, Open the Book! -- What Makes an Effective Cover?

How Epic is Epic? -- Working with "Epic" Storylines

Everything Old is New Again... Too New

Childhood Books and Movies: When You Can't Go Home Again

Straight Talk About Origin Stories

An Issue Too Long? How Long Should a "Typical" Comic Book Arc Be?

Comics to Prose: From Four Colors to Black Text

Pulps to Comics: A Bridge or a Chasm?

Running on Feet of Clay -- How Bad Can a Hero Be and Still Be a Good Guy?

How Dangerous a Mask Can Be -- The Fascination with the Masked Hero in Pulps

A Walk on the Dark Side: Writing Believable Villains

The Pulp Writers and Fans Roundtable About Comic Books

Genre-Bending: How Pure Should Pulp Fiction Be?

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow—In What Time Period Does Pulp Fit Best?

Type. Type. (Stereo)Type: Taming the Familiar Beast

Bullets vs. Bonding -- Balancing action and characterization in pulp fiction

Writing Pet Peeves: A Roundtable

Individual Interviews:

Talking Westerns with Beau Smith
Link TK

John Durden: Throwing Words in Glass Castles

The Olympian Heights of Amy Strickland

Getting to Know... Ulysses King (and Mark Beauli

John McGuire -- Following the Dark with John McGuire

David Wright -- Maybe His Brother's Keeper After All

Revisting Comic Book Arc Length -- Shane Berryhill

This Man Likes Michael Bay -- The Josh Mason Story

Imaginative Faith: The Works of H. David Blalock

Logan Masterson: "Springing" into New Ventures

L. Andrew Cooper: The Extreme Side of Horror

Jeremy Hicks: Cycling the Ages But Not Grinding it Out

Shane Berryhill and the Outlaws

Aaron Smith -- Man of Midnight, Death, and Galaxies

Meet Cam Crowder, the Runty Little Ginger

The Wizard Finds His Path: An Interview with Richard Lee Byers

Mark Bousquet: The Dreamer of Kraken Moor

Heretical in Hindsight, The Work of Andrew Toy

Meet K.S. Daniels

Getting To Know... Pamela Turner

Hunting Fate: Getting to Know Rachel Hunter

Scott Mallory and the Cupcake Monster

Steven Cumming: "Cute that Kicks Butt"

The Powerful Press of Lance Stahlberg

The Queen of Blüd: The Devin Grayson Interview

Open the Storm Gates: Don Gates Talks Challenger Storm

Michael D'Ambrosio -- Fractured but Never Broken

David Boop: Blinding Us with Brilliance

Exploring the Darkness with James A. Moore

Oh the Horror... of Robert Freese

Getting to know the man behind the man in (no) tights -- Ian Watson

Digging Up the Deadly With Bobby Nash

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Van Allen Plexico!

Cowboys, and Pirates, and Cannibals, Oh Ed Erdelac!

Getting to know the Air Chief... Ron Fortier!

Prose and Bullets with Tommy Hancock!

Monsters and Bullets: Getting to Know Perry Constantine

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem -- Catching Up with Lee Houston Jr.

Wheelin' and Dillon with Derrick Ferguson

The Weird Tale of Michael Vance

Shelagh Watkins' Writing Machine

Murder on Her Mind -- The World of Krystal Rollins

Reese's Pieces... The Fictional World of Barry Reese

D. A. Adams and the (Lot More Than Seven) Dwarves

Visionary, Editor, Writer, Storyteller -- Allan Gilbreath

Chuck Dixon: The Best Damn Comic Book Writer Ever

Artfully Rendered -- Mike Henderson

Nancy Hansen's Way

Alan Lewis' Bloody Garden

A Punch and a Jab with Paul Bishop

Ed Crandell's Wild, Weird West

To the Point -- A Quick Chat with William D. Prystauk

Chuck Miller's One Hundred Legs of Death

James R. Tuck -- The Man Behind the Deacon

James Palmer and the Love for the Stories

Other Featured Articles:

The Watson Report: Magic Swords and Their Makers

The Watson Report: Behind Every Good Man -- Thoughts on Pulp Heroines

The Watson Report: Change and Growth for Characters in Pulp and Comics

The Watson Report: The First Whodunnit? (Part Two)

The Watson Report: The First Whodunnit? (Part One)

The Watson Report: Getting to know Aria, a Princess of Mars (no relation to that Thoris woman)

The Watson Report: The Baffling Story of Spring-Heeled Jack

The Watson Report: Starting a Story

Remembering Ray Bradbury

Plotting in the Context of a Series

How to Evoke a Feeling of Dread in Writing Horror

The 30 Best Graphic Novels Ever (Final Collected Version)

The Iron Man Cometh?

The Grandchildren of Pulp (Or, How I Learned That Pulp Never Really Died) -- part 2

The Grandchildren of Pulp (Or, How I Learned That Pulp Never Really Died) -- part 1

Femme Fatales—An Obsession Dissected

The Cover Story -- Pulps Should Shock and Grab You!

How Bad Guys Die by I.A. Watson

The Twitter Writing Tips Sessions

On Heriones by I.A. Watson

There’s No Place Like Home – When Being Likeable Was Enough by Selah Janel