Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Imaginarium -- The Birth of a Truly Literary Focused Convention

The Imaginarium Convention I attended this past weekend is unlike any other convention I've been a guest for. Why? Because this one was all about writers and their creative works. Rather than short-sheeting the folks who create the stories readers love, Imaginarium chose instead to honor them and put them on display.

Were there some obstacles to overcome? Of course. Any con will have them. Particularly any first-year con. But with plans in place to stomp them into dust, Imaginarium is one of the cons I'm most looking forward to hitting again as a guest -- as often as the awesome folks there will have me.

What rocked?

For starters, the staff. Stephen Zimmer, Susan Roddey, and their team of evil minions made me feel right at home from the get-go. They seem to have a knack for anticipating issues and already be working on them before someone like me could even approach them to let them know the issue existed.

Also, the guest list was like a family reunion for me. It's often been said that you have two families -- the family you're born with and the family you choose to surround yourself with. This family is the one that I've made my own and has welcomed me into the madness we all share.

So, thank you to all who made it awesome from the bottom of my heart. My “booth babes” (daughter Charis Taylor and friend Ellie Raine) and I had a great time, from hanging with friends new and old to shaking out booties on the Masquerade Dance Floor.

Can't wait for next year!

And now for the photos...

The lovely Charis Taylor, working the table. 

My neighbor and new friend, author Heather Adkins. 

The beautiful and very patient Spider Queen herself, Jen Mulvihill.

My doomed dance partner, Selah Janel.

Tommy Hancock, Grand Guru of Pro Se Productions.

One of the finest writers I'm privileged to know, L. Andrew Cooper.

The best legs in Florida, M.B. "Embe" Weston.

Embe in action, selling books. 

Charis Taylor, holding down the fort and making all the money.

The books. 

The books and the comics. 

Charis' books and comics. She's also a published writer.

Dinner in the dark. I'm surprised the waitress could put up with us. 

Michelle looks far better in Tommy's hat than he does.

Ellie Raine, Kimberly Richardson, and Charis Taylor
wait for food. And wait, and wait, and wait...

The cast and crew of Kimberly Richardson's sure to be award-winning film short
The Attack of the Killer Beignets, coming soon to a computer near you. 
(From left to right, Michelle Weston, Charis Taylor, Me, Allan Gilbreath, Andi 
Judy, Tommy Hancock)

My lovely daughter Wonder Charis and my favorite femme
fatale, Kimberly Richardson.