Thursday, September 18, 2014


Known as a cutting edge publisher of New Pulp and Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions, continually looking to expand the variety of its catalog and bring the best packaging possible to the books it publishes, announces a new partnership with The Pulp Project.

The Pulp Project is a collaboration of Colorado’s most talented photographers, models, artists, and designers, coming together to create Pulp inspired photography in the studio and on location. Headed by Austin Welch, The Pulp Project has produced and plans to continue to create images definitely inspired by both the medium of Pulp Fiction as well as the style of Pulp, which long outlived the original magazine format.

The association of Pro Se and The Pulp Project means that Pro Se Productions will be utilizing images produced by The Pulp Project as covers for appropriate books and collections as well as Pro Se Single Shot digital singles and Single Shot Signature series. When a Pro Se work requires a cover and a Pulp Project image matches said story or book, then Pro Se will utilize the image as a cover. Also, plans are in the works for covers to be designed and created by The Pulp Project for specific Pro Se works. Thirdly, collections and/or complete novels will, in the future, be built around Pulp Project existing photographs.

“One of the best parts,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Editor in Chief and Partner in the company, “of being a part of Pro Se Productions is when neat things like this happen. We’ve always known our interest in Pulp and Genre Fiction was shared by many, that others have the same passion we do. When we find those people, those groups who are expressing that in their own way, in a fashion that not only we can utilize, but where there can be mutual benefit, it’s almost an innate action to see how the two entities can work together. The Pulp Project is an exciting prospect, something that I wish we saw more of in this field. The bringing together of models/actors, photographers, cinematographers, and more to produce a singular image that is a story all by itself. To have the opportunity to put these works of modern Pulp art on Pro Se books, it’s really one of the reasons I enjoy doing what I do.”

The first image from The Pulp Project to be used for a Pro Se Productions title will act as the cover for author Sean Taylor’s upcoming Single Shot Signature Series Spy Candy. It will be featured on the digital singles as well as the print collection produced when the series ends.

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