Friday, October 10, 2014



Pro Se Productions, an innovator in Genre Fiction, announces the release of a single author collection that pushes the boundaries of New Pulp further. Author Frank Schildiner takes readers to new heights with his own special brand of Pulp heroes in First Seas and Other Tales, now available in print.

“When you think of Pulp heroes,” says Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions Tommy Hancock, “ a few very distinct images come to mind. Now, that’s not to say that the classic Pulps weren’t populated by a variety of heroic types, but the ones that have stuck in the collective consciousness fall into the Doc Savage/Shadow/Cowboy mold for the most part. In First Seas, what Frank does is he takes characters not usually seen in pulp style stories as the leads and the heroes and puts them through their paces. He takes certain archetypes that have no business being the good guys and shows us why they can be. Most of all, Frank infuses every story in this collection with a pure, unadulterated fun energy that makes them all worth reading.”

A sea captain fights an ancient evil, a rockabilly musician battles a scorpion the size of a Cadillac, a gangster takes on the spawn of Cthulhu, a French comic wizard takes on evils in the modern world. These are just a few of the thrills and chills you will get in First Seas and Other Tales.

Amazon bestselling author Frank Schildiner’s collection of pulp tales breaks into new ground for this growing genre, telling tales of noble knights in the time of King Henry IV, a Roman nobleman fighting the demons and even a hero from France’s legendary Hexagon Comics Universe taking on terrible monsters who seek to destroy the Earth. Giant scorpions, evil demons, and a bored bureaucrat dealing with fake witches and vampires from Alabama are just a few of the chills and thrills in Frank Schildiner’s First Seas and Other Tales! From Pro Se Productions.

“First Seas and Other Tales,” says Schildiner, “is my attempt to expand the world of pulp and see where I could take my favorite medium. I hope you enjoy what I tried to produce.”

Schildiner’s short story collection features eerily evocative cover art by Adam Shaw and logo design and print formatting by Percival Constantine. First Seas and Other Tales is available at Amazon and at Pro Se’s own store for only $9.00. The book will be available in various digital formats in coming days.

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