Saturday, October 4, 2014


Airship 27 Productions happily announce the release of its 19th title of the year, JUNGLE TALES Vol II featuring Ki-Gor Jungle Lord.

The deep in the heart of the Congo is a jungle wilderness filled with exotic beauty and danger.  This is the world of Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord, his beautiful mate, Helene and their allies; Tempu George the transplanted American turned Massai warrior and K’Geeso, the daring pygmy chieftain.  Here are three brand new adventures featuring these beloved characters from one of pulpdom’s most popular series.

Writer John Rose offers up a trilogy of original tales; a long novella and two shorts.  In these Ki-Gor and his friends discover a hidden world, battle Nazi agents and run afoul of greedy treasure hunters.  This is classic pulp jungle action reliving the days when Africa was still a vast, uncharted continent and only the bravest of the brave dared to venture within its lost and hidden realms.

“If any pulp jungle hero ever came close to mirroring the success of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan, it had to be Ki-Gor,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “His stories were some of the best written of the time and are still fondly remembered and collected by pulp fans today.  It is a real joy for us to be able to continue his exploits in this series of all new stories.”

The cover, which spotlights Ki-Gor and Helene, is by Andy Fish with Clayton Hinkle providing twelve black and white interior illustrations.  All wrapped together by Airship 27 Productions’ Art Director, Rob Davis.


Available from Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.