Sunday, November 16, 2014


Known for both original innovative characters as well as bringing new adventures to classic creations, Pro Se Productions reveals its first entry into tales about the world’s most famous detective. The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes will feature new digest novels and full length works about Holmes and Watson in a style both respective Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original work and reflecting the skill of individual modern writers.

“Ever since Pro Se began publishing,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se Productions, “a month, sometimes even a week hasn’t gone by without someone emailing or asking, ‘So, when will Pro Se do a Holmes book?’ And from the beginning, we steered clear of pursuing Holmes tales for a few reasons. First, several publishers of various sizes were already producing new stories of the famous detective, both hewing to Doyle’s style and taking Holmes to brand new places. Also, we were very interested in making sure we had the right tales for Holmes as well as the best creators to leave their mark on the legend. And Holmes has shown up in a supporting capacity in a few of our books, even as a ghost. But now, everything has sort of come together in a perfect storm for Pro Se, in terms of what we wanted before throwing our deerstalker into the ring, as it were. And that is why we are proud to announce The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes!”

The new line of stories from Pro Se Productions will feature only digest novel or novel length Holmes adventures (Digest novels-30 thousand words, novel- 60 thousand words). The first work in the series will be The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes: The Shrieking Pits by author Nikki Nelson-Hicks and will be available in the coming weeks from Pro Se Productions.

Artist Jeff Hayes created the wonderfully rendered cover for The Shrieking Pits. Evoking classic images of the Detective and his partner, the cover also hints at the adventure and mystery that Holmes and Watson will encounter, again balancing aspects of both classic tales and new influences.

Jeff Hayes was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he continues to live and work today. He began his graphic design career working as a pen and ink illustrator for a role-playing and strategic gaming company and work several years as a commercial illustrator for a retail grocery chain. In 1989, he changed careers and has served as a law enforcement officer for over 25-years. During this time he has continued working as a part-time illustrator and graphic designer, focusing primarily on audio, television, and film entertainment promotions. A fan of diverse subject matter, his core interests remains science fiction, fantasy, western, and not surprising - crime dramas. Most recently, Hayes has provided hundreds of illustrations for audio drama promotions, covering a wide variety of classical and contemporary subjects. Examples of his artwork can be found on his website at

The Astonishing Tales of Sherlock Holmes: The Shrieking Pits by Nikki Nelson- Hicks will be available very soon from Pro Se Productions.

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