Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lady Action Spy Thriller Announced

Book to debut at San Diego Comic-Con

New York, N.Y. (January 19, 2015) - Airship 27 Productions, a premier publisher in the New Pulp movement, and Captain Action Enterprises, licensrs of the popular Captain Action line, have joined forces again to announce the first-ever Lady Action spy paperback, to be released July 2015.

This spy thriller features Lady Action in her first full-length prose adventure. The British Bombshell has previously appeared in Captain Action comics, her own comics and one short story. Recently, Lady Action thrilled fans with a collector’s doll from Tonner and a 1/6 scale action figure from Go Hero/Executive Replica.

Ron Fortier, a thirty-seven year veteran comics and fantasy writer and now New Pulp Fiction author and publisher, will be penning this adventure. “I’ve always enjoyed writing strong female characters from Dracula’s Daughter to my four leads in alternate world pulp thriller, The Boston Bombers.  Having the chance to tell the first Lady Action prose adventure was a marvelous opportunity too good to pass up.  I’m hoping fans of Emma Peel and the Girl from U.N.C.L.E. are going to feel right at home with what we have planned for Ms. Sinclair.”  Fortier also created the first female sidekick for the Green Hornet, Mishi Kato.

Captain Action is based on the action figure created in 1966, but Lady Action debuted in comics more recently as a heroine in her own right.  “Overwhelming fan response at comic conventions have encouraged us to develop the character further,” said Joe Ahearn of Captain Action Enterprises. “She’s also a big part of the upcoming animated series.”

Although a cover artist has yet to be selected, but Rob Davis will be designing the paperback. “Some of my greatest creative successes since I became a professional artist have involved female characters from SCIMIDAR with R.A. Jones, ROBYN OF SHERWOOD with Paul Storrie and DAUGHTER OF DRACULA with Ron Fortier. I’m proud to be able to add LADY ACTION to that list of characters and look forward excitedly to bringing the book to visual life. “

Airship 27 will be publishing this thriller, evoking the old spy paperbacks, with a scheduled debut at San Diego Comic-Con, comic shops, bookstores and online in July 2015.