Thursday, January 8, 2015



One of the most popular games of chance gets Pulpy in the latest release from Pro Se Productions. A leader in Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions announces the debut of its latest anthology -- Poker Pulp.

“Poker,” says Pro Se Partner and Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, “is a game made for Pulp stories. Legends, myths, even a language of sorts has grown up around the game in all its various types and guises. And of course such a game invites a colorful cast of characters to play it, as witnessed on any one of the TV channels carrying poker tournaments ad infinitum late at night a few years back. The staple of many a good Western tale and even several Noir type stories, it only made sense to take Poker into the Pulp arena. And of course, with Pro Se doing that, we’re offering you a bit of what you’d expect and a dose of something different. Each story has Poker at its center, but the writers bring their own touch to the tales, casting the game into new genres with different faces around the table than the usual suspects. But someone still wins and someone still loses in Poker Pulp, and usually more than just money.”

Aces and Eights, a Dead Man’s Hand. Life and Death dealt over a shuffle of a deck. Stakes from dollar bills to souls tossed into the center of the table. And sitting around, waiting for the turn of a card, to raise, check, bet, or fold, are rogues, scoundrels, dames, and sharps. Every single one betting their last breath on the hand they hold.

Pro Se Productions presents Poker Pulp, an anthology centered around the storied, legendary game of cards and chance. Authors J. H. Fleming, Michael Krog, and Brad Mengel deal three tales that up the ante, taking Poker to an all new level of Pulp. Action, adventure, and intrigue are the game of choice in Pro Se Productions’ Poker Pulp.

Poker Pulp features a stylish cover and striking logo design by Jeffrey Hayes, print formatting and cover layout by Percival Constantine, and eBook formatting by Russ Anderson.

This three story collection is available in print via Amazon at and at Pro Se’s own store at for $9.00. Poker Pulp is also available as an eBook for the Kindle at and for most other formats at for only $2.99.

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