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Two of the most popular characters from Pro Se Productions return to clash one final time in the cutting edge publisher’s latest digest novel release. Author Andrea Judy’s final chapter in this battle of good and evil debuts in print and digital format- The Pulptress vs. the Bone Queen: Blood and Bone!

“Being the creator of The Pulptress,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se Productions says, “I am honored that so many people enjoy her adventures. What was even better for me, though, was that Andrea Judy, when she wrote her story for the first Pulptress collection, found something in the character worth creating a suitable enemy for her. And man, did she ever with The Bone Queen. Equally tragic and horrific, The Bone Queen has everything a good Pulp villain needs and Andrea delivers all of it with a two fisted, yet concise style all her own. The Pulptress Vs the Bone Queen: Blood and Bone is not only a fitting close to the battle between these two characters, it’s also a fantastically told tale that is part quest for vengeance and part redemption story. And all fantastic.”

The Pulptress- Raised from birth by the world’s greatest heroes- and some of its villains as well – to be the greatest Champion for Justice and Right ever known.

The Bone Queen- Once an idealistic priestess to a Death Goddess, now the depraved embodiment of Death and twisted Resurrection, walking the Earth in search of unbelievable power.
These two women walk very different paths, paths that crossed explosively. But as they clash one final time, the Pulptress and the Bone Queen have something in common, the one thing that may kill them both- They thirst for vengeance!

Author Andrea Judy, creator of The Bone Queen, returns to the world of The Pulptress for a third time to bring to a close one of the most hardly fought and horrific duels New Pulp has ever seen- The Pulptress Vs The Bone Queen: Blood and Bone! And in this battle, no one may get out alive.

"I'm excited,” says Judy, “to share the amazing story of the Pulptress battling it out with the Bone Queen. It's been an amazing opportunity to have the Bone Queen grow into a villain truly wicked and worthy to go toe to toe with the Pulptress. I'm proud to let these two amazing women kick butt in the New Pulp world."

The Pulptress Vs the Bone Queen: Blood and Bone features stunning art work by Jeffrey Hayes, the Pulptress logo design by Sean Ali, and all other logo work by Hayes. The print version formatted by Forrest Bryant is now available for $9.00 via Amazon at and at Pro Se’s own store at It is also available as an eBook formatted by Russ Anderson for the Kindle at and for most formats at for only $2.99.

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