Monday, February 23, 2015

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #314 -- The State of the Comics Address

What do you think about what's currently going in comic books with all the 
crossovers and reboots and multiple books featuring the same characters?

As much as it's easy to bag on the crazy reboots and stuff going on in comic book publishing today, it's important to remember that many of the best comic book stories ever told are being published right now.

For every overblown crossover, there's a perfectly pitched book for lovers of nostalgia.

For every "been there done that" plot, there's a curve ball that surprises readers and renews their faith in the medium's ability to be relevant as more than mere nostalgia.

For every self-indulgent adolescent male fantasy, there's an gripping story about the power to be heroic in reality.

It's important to never forget that because the freedom that today's comics offers to creators can be overwhelming and send some scurrying back to the "safety" the past and the familiar.
But it can also send some stepping boldly into the future and the untried and unknown.