Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Special Note from Shane Berryhill

Hello, everyone. I hope you're all doing well.

Recently CHANCE FORTUNE OUT OF TIME, the last(?) volume in 'The Adventures of Chance Fortune' trilogy was published digitally at long last (with the paperback and audio editions to soon follow).

Here's the back cover description:

Time-travelers, steampunk robots, dinosaurs, Martian invaders, superheroes, and adventures beyond imagining await you in CHANCE FORTUNE OUT OF TIME, the latest volume in a series praised by Publishers Weekly, VOYA, Young Adult Books Central, and many others. The secret is out: alleged superhuman Chance Fortune is only a normal boy named Josh Blevins. Will his friends and teammates, the Outlaws, band together and accept Josh for who he is so that the future may be saved? Or will old prejudices divide and conquer, robbing Josh, the Outlaws, and the world at large of a chance for a better tomorrow? Find out in CHANCE FORTUNE OUT OF TIME, the long-awaited sequel to CHANCE FORTUNE AND THE OUTLAWS and CHANCE FORTUNE IN THE SHADOW ZONE.

As you can guess, Chance Fortune is a series for both the young of age and the young at heart.

You can order the book at Amazon  or at B&N.

If you happen to know any librarians and teachers, please tell them they can go through Follet School Resources or Crossroad Press directly to take advantage of deals and discounts regarding CHANCE FORTUNE OUT OF TIME.

Thanks in advance for your time, consideration, and help.

All for one! One for all!

Shane Berryhill