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In 2014, Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge Genre Fiction and New Pulp Publisher, revealed that it had licensed characters from Nemo Publishing, a company centered around the work of Jay Piscopo and aimed at bringing both classic fun and action back to comic books. The first anthology to feature Nemo characters, originally opened for submissions in late 2014, is being expanded in terms of size and is open for proposals and submissions from authors. Featuring the primary lineup from Nemo Publishing, the book will be entitled Nemoverse.

‘Nemoverse,” states Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions,” says it all. This is an opportunity essentially to have the keys to the kingdom, one that really stands out from every other attempt at comics today. Jay and the people at Nemo have taken these fantastic characters- Capt’n Eli, Commander X, the Sea Ghost, Jack Danger, Red Panther, Rogue Agent Zero, the Dimensioneers, and all the supporting cast that comes with them- and really breathed both a fresh new life and one that is reminiscent of the reasons comics first became so popular. Four color escapism at its best is what Nemo does and now Pro Se gets a chance to do the same in its own inimitable two fisted, heroic style.”

Nemo Publishing is the home of Capt’n Eli, Commander X, and a variety of other characters. Originally a mascot for Capt’n Eli Soda, the owners of the soda company saw potential for the character beyond its beginnings. In partnership with artist/writer/creator Jay Piscopo and Nemo Publishing, Capt’n Eli became a four color hero and soon other characters, some reimagined public domain characters and others completely Piscopo’s original creations, joined the Nemo Comics Universe. Nemo also has a toyline featuring its characters.

Nemoverse is a collection that will focus on six characters from the Nemo Comics line, as well as the supporting cast involved with each of these. The characters to be featured are Capt’n Eli, Commander X, The Sea Ghost, Jack Danger, Rogue Agent Zero, and The Red Panther

Stories for Nemoverse must be 6-8,000 words in length. The royalty will be determined by the final number of authors accepted into the anthology. The process for submission to this anthology is as follows: An author must email and express interest in submitting to the collection. Brief synopses of the available characters will be sent to the author at that point. Upon reviewing the list, a proposal of 100-500 words must be submitted to for the character(s) the author is interested in writing. Although these characters have crossed over with one another various times in Nemo publications, Pro Se is interested in tales focused on the individual characters and want team ups to be necessary, not simply for the joy of doing them.

Reference material and character bible information are available to authors whose short proposals are approved as stated above. Authors not previously published by Pro Se Productions must submit a writing sample of at least two pages with their proposals. Authors whose proposals are accepted must submit the first four pages of their accepted stories as quickly as possible for review by Pro Se staff. Final deadline for completed stories is September 1, 2015.

Nemoverse is scheduled for release in December 2015/January 2016.

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