Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Link] TAB060: An Interesting Publishing Case Study and Marketing to Your Various Tribes with Paul Bishop

From the Author Biz Podcast:

Today’s guest is author Paul Bishop. He and friend (and fellow author) Mel Odem developed an idea for a book they’d like to read four years ago. Today, that idea has grown to a series of 45 books, written by multiple authors. So this episode was intended to be a case study on what they did and how they did it. Paul and I even hit our prescribed time target for the show.

But things took a turn once the interview ended. We were discussing his latest novel, LIE CATCHERS and what he was doing to drive sales for the book. When things got interesting, I clicked the recorder back on to capture what Paul was sharing, just in case.

So – that’s what I mean by a combo show – the first part of this 32 minute episode is a tightly told, repeatable business case study. The second part is an off-the-cuff, completely unedited lesson on how to market your book to the various tribes to which we all belong.

Listen to the podcast: