Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Obligatory "Promote Your Book" Post

Marian Allen

In order to work off-world, you have to have your connection to the 'net severed. But what if you still hear voices in your head? In an alternate history, three young friends and their mechanical dog rent an airship for a jolly holiday. Then sky pirates happen. These stories and poems, most collected from various venues and one brand new, imagine alternate Earth, future Earth, Earthlings in space and on other planets, and people of other planets. Science fiction. It's not just ray-guns anymore.


Terry Smiles


 “[A] blend of fantasy and political thriller … an adventurous twist of genre, much recommended.” ~Midwest Book Review

The Rothston Institute is home to a special class of adepts who can control the decisions of anyone in the world. But college student Kinzie Nicolosi is just discovering her own dangerous powers — and her role in the battle for humanity’s future.

The final installment of The Rothston Series to be released Feburary 29, 2016.


Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.

1937, the world on the brink of war. But in the city of Riverburgh, NY forty miles north of Manhattan there was a different kind of war brewing; it was a war of survival for the common man. A war against the gangsters and thugs who ruled the streets and against the corrupt politicians who turned a blind eye to the evil that ran rampant in Riverburgh.
In a city where everyone had given up hope and cried to the heavens for a savior, a savior had arrived. But was he heaven sent or a monster from hell?


Perry Constantine

The Spear of Destiny, believed to have pierced the body of Christ, is said to be an artifact of incredible power that will render the user unstoppable. And now the Thule Society, an occult order from the days of Nazi Germany, is after this weapon. Only Elisa Hill and her allies stand between this Nazi death cult and their genocidal plot! But when faced with ancient, forbidden magicks, does even the famed myth hunter have a prayer of success?


Infernum. A shadowy, globe-spanning network of operatives run by the mysterious power broker known as Dante. They hold allegiance to no one, existing as rogues on the fringes of society. In this three-book series, meet some of Infernum’s top agents: Angela Lockhart, a spy on a mission of vengeance; Carl Flint, a retired assassin looking for peace; and Dalton Moore, a professional thief drawn into a dangerous game!

Contains The Following Books

Book 1: Love & Bullets
Book 2: Outlaw Blues
Book 3: Gentleman Rogue



Bill Craig

When Vern Brisbane is murdered after docking his shrimp boat, the Key West Police think it was a random killing. But Brisbane’s daughter Lilly disagrees. She hires Rick Marlow to look into the shrimper’s death and what he finds is a smuggling operation that is using shrimp boats to smuggle in both drugs and people. Not knowing who he can trust, Marlow must navigate the Dark Waters to get the man behind it all.

Mark Bousquet

In the tradition of NBC’s THE BLACKLIST and BLINDSPOT, Space Buggy Press is proud to present AMERICAN HERCULES, a modern re-imagining of the strongman’s classic Labors!

Decorated war hero Nathan Hercules awakes to find blood on his body, a knife in his hands, his wife and children dead at his feet, and no memory of committing the crime.

Six years later, the lawyer who put him away comes to Nathan with an offer to help him track down the truth. All Landon Eurystheus wants in return is Nathan’s help in finding the one man in the world Nathan cares least about: Washington Zeus, the world’s richest missing person and Hercules’ biological father.


Lucy Blue

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains,however improbable, must be the truth.” In An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 14 authors of horror and mystery have come together to create a unique anthology that sets Holmes on some of his most terrifying adventures. A pair of sisters willing to sacrifice young girls to an ancient demon for a taste of success, a sinister device that can manipulate time itself, and a madman that can raise corpses from the dead are just a few among the grisly tales that can be found within these pages. Curl up with a warm cuppa and leave all the lights on. This is not your grandfather’s Sherlock Holmes.


Stephanie Osborn

"I have always loved Sherlock Holmes stories. As a teen, I read The Hound of the Baskervilles and was immediately hooked. As an adult, I continue to read or watch stories featuring Holmes, whether from the eyes of Mary Russell (Laurie R. King) or those of the modern day Sherlock in Stephanie Osborn’s The Displaced Detective series. To date, I have been particularly enamored with the contemporary BBC series featuring Sherlock Holmes, and anticipate each new episode’s release.But now I have a new favorite --The Gentleman Aegis series, starting with book 1: Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy’s Curse...It’s almost like going full circle, because this book is written in a style unique to the Victorian era, not unlike that first Sherlock book I read as a youth. Aside from a riveting good tale, replete with a wonderful mystery steeped in ancient cultures and vibrant personalities, this book stands out from the usual offerings in contemporary fiction...Bravo, Ms. Osborn, and thank you for a beautifully rendered book." ~Aaron Paul Lazar, Murder By 4


Mark Halegua

Well, I have a story in the new Super Swingin Heroes 1968. Mine't titled "Automaton Investigations, Inc."


James Bojaciuk

You can tell a lot about a dragon by their hoard. Not the shiny one, the other one. The one where they keep their favorite things. The Dragon Lord himself has a library. A library that devours halls and caves, filling them with every kind of book and codex and scroll. These are the stories that fill his favorite shelf.


Tamara Lowery

Viktor Brandewyne finds himself tasked with finding the most flighty of the Sisters of Power. He tracks her from New England to the ends of the earth. She sets him the task of retrieving three things as the price for a portion of her magic: a dragon’s egg, a dodo’s egg, and a drop of blood from the Daughter of the Dragon, one of the few beings capable of killing him.


Michael Woods

I didn't write this but I did edit and format the tale.

Fool's Gold
By S.E. Lehenbauer

Can you hear it?

Regina Sol is just trying to escape her dark memories and make a new life aboard the spacecraft Tzigane. When a strange illness infects the entire crew, Regina finds herself quarantined with the reclusive captain, Imrah: an alien woman searching for a god-like beast from her home world.

Nothing will stop Imrah from chasing her fairy tale. Heedless of the sick crew and the asteroid field that could tear the ship to bits, Imrah’s pride could doom them all. With her new family’s life on the line, can Regina stop the hunt for fool’s gold before it’s too late?


B. Chris Bell

Save a few bucks for TALES OF THE BAGMAN VOL. 3, THE BUTCHER BACK O' THE YARDS! (Soon to be released) “Be there, or miss out on the invention of the greatest new American pulp imagination at work in decades!!!!” --Keith Allan Deutsch, Publisher Black Mask Magazine