Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Opportunity for New Pulp Writers

From Tommy Hancock:

I am extremely proud to announce that the well read and popular Venture Galleries website has asked me to do a column each week in addition to my reviews that will focus on authors writing pulp fiction today, what many call New Pulp. This new column, part commentary/part interview, will debut on Monday, April 4th at

Any authors who write pulp fiction, referred to by some as genre fiction, that would like to be a part of this column, email me at I will be reviewing each author who contacts me to make sure they fit the profile we're looking for and then will schedule writers in the order emails are received. A part of this will be my comments/thoughts on each author's works and/or style of writing, so providing me with a copy (digital or print) of at least one of your works would be suggested, especially if I'm not familiar with your writing.