Saturday, February 18, 2017

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS Presents Jezebel Johnston Queen of Anarchy

The adventures continues as Airship 27 Productions continues Nancy Hansen’s exciting pirate saga featuring the mulatto runaway, Jezebel Johnston.

Having survived the sinking of the British privateer, Devil’s Handmaid, by a Spanish warship employing an ancient weapon, the disguised Jezebel Johnston, and a few of her compatriots are rescued by a flotilla of French vessels. Their commander is the ruthless and sadistic Captain Lucien Levesque. Having witnessed the fiery destruction of British ship, Levesque is obsessed with hunting down the Spanish galleon and obtaining the secret of the Greek Fire they possess. To do this, he will scour the surrounding islands until his prey is found.

Meanwhile, Jez, and her lover, Walter Armitage, find themselves pressed into service aboard different ships in Levesque’s tiny fleet where they must endure daily hardships to stay alive.  At the same time she comes under the attention of the Queen of Anarchy’s handsome but fierce quartermaster, Mister Blanchette.  What is his interest in the young mulatto sailor and why are Jezebel’s own feelings confused when near the blond haired rogue?

“Nancy Hansen’s JEZEBEL JOHNSTON – Devil’s Handmaid, only served to set the table,” explains Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “With book two, Queen of Anarchy, the story picks up the pace as young Jezebel encounters countless new threats in her newly chosen role as a buccaneer. The action is not stop and culminates as yet another canon firing, swashbuckling high seas battle. Fair warning, this second chapter the saga ends on a cliffhanger, that will resume in book three, Sea Witch.”

Award winning Airship 27 Art Director provides both the interior illustrations and the colorful cover to this old fashion adventure. Fans of the first book have been most anxious for this sequel and they won’t be disappointed. Writer Nancy Hansen unleashes the second chapter in her bold new pirate series starring the brave and beautiful Jezebel Johnson, the true Queen of Anarchy!


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