Wednesday, March 22, 2017


In 2013, Pro Se Productions began a digital only line of stand alone short stories known as Pro Se Single Shots. In 2014, Pro Se announced a new imprint within the line, this one aimed at producing series that would have episodes/stories released on a schedule suitable to the author. Over 40 writers signed on initially and Pro Se’s intent was to focus on turning this program into a subscription service, offering this variety of titles.

Today, Pro Se Productions announces that due to a variety of issues, The Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series line will not continue on in its original form and will be massively scaled back.

“In all honesty,” says Pro Se Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, “the responsibility for this change of plans in regards to the Single Shot series falls wholly on me, as does any fault for why the line did not reach the goals we originally set. It was an overly ambitious project that still might have reached its original goals had I not become ill, a condition that I dealt with for a large part of the last three years. I had built the Single Shot line to be one that I would handle exclusively and when I was unavailable, it left no one to keep it going.

“Even though,” Hancock continues, “I am healthy now, there were still issues with the concept as originally conceived. Finding a formatter who can essentially do thirty some odd titles monthly as well as building or finding a subscription plan we felt comfortable with has proven difficult. The biggest reason, though, is we have multiple series that simply have lingered on too long without new issues or have not started at all, and I just won’t have that any longer.”

The series that will continue as Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series are Chuck Miller’s Fabulous World of Zenith, Ian Watson’s limited series Byzantium, Tommy Hancock’s The Adventures of Doc Daye, and the as of yet to debut mini series, Tai of the Ebony Jungle by Philip Athans.

Series that will be ending with either their next or next two issues being released in March and April are Strikeforce Falcon by Richard C. White, Shadows Over America by Aaron Smith, Vengeance: The Cutter Series by James Hopwood, From the Pen of Adam L. Garcia, From the Pen of Greg Norgaard, From the Pen of J. Walt Layne, The Gatekeeper Chronicles by Terrence McCauley, and The Dark Gentleman by Barry Reese.

Friends of Fortune by Derrick Ferguson will not continue as a series. However, Ferguson will continue to produce Friends of Fortune stories as stand alone Single Shot releases in the future, released as they are completed by the author and edited.

Corpus Vile: Death In The City by Jim Beard will continue in some format with Pro Se in the future, either as a re-added series to the revamped Signature Series line or as a novel.

Bobby Nash’s From the Pen of series ended with the most recent story published, with Nash having plans for the characters from those stories in the future. Likewise, Percival Constantine’s Luther Cross series ended with the recent release of the latest episode, but Constantine plans to continue the adventures of Cross in 2017 via self publishing.

Series that will be coming out from Pro Se as novels and/or story collections are Brad Mengel’s Australis Incognito, Van Allen Plexico’s Alpha/Omega, Terry Alexander’s Empress Debbie and The Caves of Destruction, David White’s Magee, Nikki Nelson Hicks’ Jake Istenhyegi, the Accidental Detective, Teel James Glenn’s The Adventures of Dr. Shadows, H. David Blalock’s The Velvet Wasp, PJ Lozito’s The Revenant Detective, Frank Schildiner’s Johnny Rich, Gary Phillips’ as of yet to be released Nefra Adams, E. W. Farnsworth’s yet to be released The Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow, Sean Taylor's yet to be released Spy Candy, and Ralph Angelo Jr.'s yet to be released Tales of Torahg.

Some of the series that are to become books will have Single Shots released in the next two weeks under the Signature series line, as they are already prepared. These will serve as previews to the future volumes.

Any of the books announced that are in the possession of Pro Se Productions in first draft form by August 2017 will be released before year’s end.

Regardless of continuing as a series, as a book, or simply as Single Shots, the cover art originally designed for each title will be utilized.

“I can’t thank everyone involved enough,” says Hancock, “for the work done on this ambitious project. The Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series idea is not dead, just simply being rebooted in a way to make sure that when it can handle over forty authors again, it will be done right without fail.”

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