Saturday, December 23, 2017

Have Yourself A Very Regency Christmas! New Releases From Virginia Brown and Sharon Sobel!

We Hope You Have A Very Regency Christmas!

The Once Upon A Regency Christmas Duet Books by Virginia Brown and Sharon Sobel are now available!

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Mistletoe Magic by Virginia Brown
This Christmas will change everything!

Sinfully handsome, wrongfully accused, he is offered money and respectability in exchange for his freedom...

Nicholas Hawkely, second son of a duke, newly resigned Captain of HMS Renown, finds his recent betrothal to the spinster daughter of a wealthy banker most inconvenient. After ten years of fighting Napoléon, he has dreams of traveling the world on new adventures, not marrying a woman chosen by his father.

Jilted spinster, reluctant heiress, she wants only a quiet life with no complications...

Charlotte St. John prefers quiet pleasures such as riding through the park and birdwatching rather than dances, soirées, or an arranged marriage. Horrified that her father has chosen the disgraced son of a duke to be her husband, she escapes the city for a peaceful Christmas at the Sussex country home of a friend.

But in fleeing their fates, they run right into them when, days later, they both find themselves at the same country estate, trapped by a blizzard, celebrating the yuletide season. And they quickly learn not to underestimate the power of mistletoe...and Christmas miracles.


Under a Christmas Sky by Sharon Sobel
Crashing through the snow...

Julia, the newly widowed Lady Leighton Kingswood, is hardly in the mood for the holidays. But thanks to the persistence of Julia's sister-in-law, Lady Laurentia Howard, she soon finds herself braving the dreadful weather to venture out to the Howard estate to celebrate Christmas. She's hoping for a peaceful interlude...until the coach crashes and the driver disappears, leaving her for dead.

The horrid weather is making Willem Wakefield wish he were still in the East Indies. But he's on a diplomatic mission to deliver some important documents to Princess Charlotte, who'll be attending the Howard's Yuletide celebration. Except on the way there, he comes across an overturned carriage and finds a beautiful woman on the verge of freezing to death. Once he has her safely in his coach, he realizes his only option is to take her to the Howard estate with him.

But it isn't long before he realizes that he'd like nothing more than to keep his Lady Frost all to himself. And for much longer than just the holidays...


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