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True crime, cold cases, criminal dramas… From the Whodunits to the How’d-he-do-its, the world has forever been enamored with the criminal mind. Law-abiding citizens, who would otherwise never dream of committing such heinous acts, nevertheless savor every scandalous, wicked, and macabre detail. Columnist Jim Doherty has compiled a sampling of such twisted true tales just for you in JUST THE FACTS: TRUE TALES OF COPS AND CRIMINALS from Pro Se Productions, now a top quality audiobook produced by Radio Archives!

Fiction is filled with fantastic crime fighters, people who put on the badge and solve every mystery and put every criminal where they belong. But those same sort of people have always existed beyond the page. Real-life lawmen who went above and beyond in the pursuit of justice and the law. Jim Doherty, "Just the Facts" columnist for Mystery Readers Journal and a third generation policeman, tells the stories of law enforcement legends in Just the Facts: True Tales of Cops and Criminals.
Bill Tilghman, legendary Oklahoma lawman and town-tamer from the territorial era to the Roaring Twenties. Richard Crafts, an airline pilot who killed his stewardess wife and fed her frozen body into a rented wood chipper. Hawaiian policeman Chang Apana, the real Chinese-American detective who inspired Earl Derr Biggers to create Charlie Chan.

Their stories and many more are brought to life in this new edition of JUST THE FACTS: TRUE TALES OF COPS AND CRIMINALS , featuring articles new to the collection as well as three exclusive to this edition from Pro Se Productions.

"This is a well researched, addictive collection of true case studies, some sensational, others little known, all intensely interesting. And one, ‘The Mad Doctor and The Untouchable,’ will no doubt become a terrific movie." - Joseph Wambaugh

Featuring iconic cover art by Jeff Hayes and a thrilling audio performance by Dan Order, JUST THE FACTS: TRUE TALES OF COPS AND CRIMINALS is available now on Amazon.

This exciting True Crime audiobook is also available on Audible and Itunes.

JUST THE FACTS: TRUE TALES OF COPS AND CRIMINALS is available in print and ebook at Amazon and

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