Saturday, March 10, 2018

Casting Rick Ruby 2018! (Sean plays director)

In honor of Rick Ruby being nominated for the Pulp Ark Awards, let's have some fun and cast the Rick Ruby movie. (and if you haven't voted yet, here's the link:

My choices using contemporary actors:

Rick Ruby
Damien Lewis

Evelyn Johnson
Gugu Mbatha-Raw

May Belle Williams
Christine Adams

"Broom Stick" Strickland
Clarke Peters 

"Mac" McGinnis
Bruce Greenwood

Donna Dixon
Anna Lynne McCord

Edie Rose Adams
Typhaine Daviot

Carla St. Clair
Elizabeth Henstridge

Robert Perry
David Boreanez

Making this a movie in the 50s, 60, or even 70s would have been a lot easier to pick actors for me, but using contemporary actors was a lot harder. I tend to follow the older ones or still think of the 30-something ones as "Disney kids." *grins*