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Award winning best selling author Robert J. Randisi returns to one of his most beloved mystery series. Set in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas in the days when Sinatra was king, The Rat Pack Mysteries have taken Randisi’s Eddie G. on many a dangerous path where he’s met both the famous and the infamous. The eleventh in the series is no different and is packed with all the action and mystery readers expect. I ONLY HAVE LIES FOR YOU: A RAT PACK MYSTERY is available from Pro Se Productions in paperback, digital, and hardcover.

By 1965, Eddie Giannelli has a rep as a “go-to” guy in Vegas...but Frank Sinatra takes Eddie away from home on a trip to Miami. When that happens, Eddie G not only pals around with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., but gets the chance to meet “The Great One”, Jackie Gleason.

Word of Eddie’s skill for helping people out of tough jams makes the trip to Florida too as he’s asked to help out a woman Gleason’s involved with. Before you can say “And Away We Go!”, Eddie finds himself caught up in a tale of murder, bourbon, and Brooklyn…

Take a trip to sunny, deadly Miami in this latest tale of the Rat Pack by Robert J. Randisi, called “the last of the true pulp writers” by Booklist.

Featuring an atmospheric cover by Larry Nadolsky, logo and cover design by Casey W. Cowan, and print formatting by Marzia Marina and Antonino Lo Iacono, I ONLY HAVE LIES FOR YOU is available now in paperback at and Pro Se’s own store at for 17.99. The book is also available in hardcover for $40.00 at

Randisi’s eleventh Rat Pack Mystery is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Lo Iacono and Marina for only $5.99 for the Kindle at This book is available on Kindle Unlimited, which means Kindle Unlimited Members can read for free.

Reviews for the Rat Pack Mystery Series:

“Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin never knew how much trouble they were in until Robert Randisi stepped onto the scene. A gem of a read!”
-Sue Grafton

“Randisi does a bang-up job capturing Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr., and their fellow Kings of Cool in all their Vegas glory . . . With a likeable but savvy protagonist, a deep understanding of Vegas culture and 60’s style, and an obvious love of the Rat Pack, Randisi delivers a stylish, memorable winner.”

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