Saturday, March 31, 2018

VEGAS HEI$T Arrives in Trade Paperback and on Kindle!

Press Release – For Immediate Release

In the Spirit of Parker and Ocean’s 11 -- They’re Aiming to Knock Over 1965 Sin City!

White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in trade paperback and Kindle e-book formats of Van Allen Plexico’s VEGAS HEIST, the new crime novel from the creator of the Sentinels novel series.

John Harper and Saul “Salsa” Salzman have pulled jobs together before, but nothing like this. It's the holiday season of 1965 and the fabulous Caesars Palace Resort and Casino is about to open in Las Vegas. And its vault is filled to bursting with cash. Harper and Salsa roll into town with inside information: A secret way into the underground levels beneath the casino, leading right to the vault itself.

Putting together a small but highly skilled team, they make their move, aiming for untold riches. But jobs like this never go as planned. A beautiful widow, a jealous enforcer and a murderous rival casino owner all want a piece of the pie.

Before New Year's Day 1966 arrives, Harper and Salsa will be lucky to escape Sin City with their lives!

“When planning a heist, it’s good to learn from the masters, and it’s clear that Van Allen Plexico has,” says Charles Ardai, Editor of Hard Case Crime. “From Richard Stark to Lionel White to Ocean’s Eleven, the fingerprints of the greats are all over this smart, snappy casino job.”

“This is quite a departure for me,” adds Plexico, “but I’ve been a huge fan of Richard Stark’s PARKER novels for years, along with both versions of OCEAN’S ELEVEN and even the recent DEN OF THIEVES and LOGAN LUCKY and all the rest in that vein.  I’ve channeled all that love and all that fun into what I think is a blast of a Sixties heist tale, where all the best-laid plans go out the window and the Law is swarming and maybe, just maybe, somebody’s getting away with a whole lot of cash.”

Now in its fourteenth year, White Rocket Books is a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies, in both traditional and electronic formats.   White Rocket books have hit the Top 5-by-Genre and reached #1 on the New Pulp Bestsellers List, and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Vice-President Tom Brevoort and Avengers scribe David Michelinie to Hard Case Crime’s Charles Ardai and Kirkus Reviews.

VEGAS HEIST is a $14.95, 6x9 format trade paperback and a $2.99 Kindle eBook from White Rocket Books.

236 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1986391429 (6x9” Trade Paperback)


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