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Pro Se Productions, a publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, proudly announces its first foray into books aimed at a very special audience-children under the age of 8.  As a part of Pro Se’s YOUNGPULP! imprint, FUNNY ZOMBIE by Kailee Hancock and illustrated by Jo Sumrall is now available in print and digital formats.

“Children’s books,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “and I mean those that are aimed at small children, are something that Pro Se has looked at for a while. Other companies have made that leap and we’ve considered it, but have waited on an idea that would fit what we do perfectly, be different enough to be a Pro Se book and still be enjoyed by kids.  And it just so happens my own daughter, Kailee, had that very idea when she was five years old. It has taken seven years to get FUNNY ZOMBIE turned into images and text that could be made into a book, but we are finally here and I am so proud of Kailee and the work Jo Sumrall has put into this volume as well. Kailee, at her present age of twelve, did a rewrite of the book as she originally wrote it at age five, and it’s now time for the world at large to meet the most unique and diverse bunch of friends in any book ever. FUNNY ZOMBIE is a small child’s view of the world through the eyes of beings that we normally see as scary, but really can be just like us as well.”

FUNNY ZOMBIE is a book for small children written by Kailee Hancock. Now twelve years old, Kailee first created Funny Zombie when she was five. Now this unique character and his entire host of spooky and humorous friends star in their own children's book. From Vampire Vance to Smiley the Ghost to Funny himself, the crew of characters in this book show kids and adults how to be friends with all kinds of people and how to simply be yourself and enjoy life as you! Whimsically illustrated by Jo Sumrall, FUNNY ZOMBIE is definitely a children's book like no other and will be a hit with kids of all ages.

FUNNY ZOMBIE features a hauntingly cute cover and matching interiors by Jo Sumrall and logo design and print formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina and is available in print for $10.99 at and on Pro Se’s own store at

The first Pro Se children’s book is also available as an eBook for the Kindle at only $3.99. The book is also available to Kindle Unlimited members for free.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies for review, contact Kristi Morgan, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations, at

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