Friday, January 22, 2016

Ideas Like Bullets: Old Stories, New Takes, Same Spirit

My first novel was a little missive called YESTERYEAR.  This is a tale that is seen by many as a deconstruction of the hero concept. Still, others see it as the exact opposite, a tale of how heroes transposed from Pulp Style to Super Type and the hopes for the magic not be lost in the change. Regardless of your viewpoint, this is not only my first novel length work, but is a labor of love in the largest way.  A concept that I’ve worked on since the early 90s, writing down character ideas in notebooks scattered all about like fallen leaves.  YESTERYEAR was the culmination of many years of storycrafting and also was always intended to be the first of a trilogy, with multiple spin offs afterward.  That was 2011.

There is still only one book.

So, yes, to answer the question I am asked most often as a writer, the YESTERYEAR universe trilogy will be completed and all the original plans I’ve had will see fruition over the next few years.  But I’m going to do something that isn’t done as a matter of course typically. In rereading YESTERYEAR, I found things that I didn’t care for. Not necessarily simply areas where I improved as a writer skill wise, but I also stumbled across story points that had me going, “Why did I ever do THAT?”  So, because I am the author and because of the wonders of technology and such today, I am already at work on a ‘Creator’s Special Edition’ of YESTERYEAR to be released later this year. This is part rewrite/part improvement and yes, it may have a different outcome than the original work did.  Some of the characters from the first version may not fare as well this time around, either.  Now, I know that will irritate some, but I feel that what I will be producing this time around will be the better book and make a much improved stage for what is to come next.

What I don’t expect to change, however, is the introduction included in the front of the book.  One of my dearest friends and one of the best writers I know, Derrick Ferguson, provided the introduction to the first novel and hopefully he will find the new version worthy of the same words.  I have many great, and not so awesome things said about my work, but very few sentiments have touched me the way Derrick’s introduction did.  So much so, that I had Derrick record the introduction when Pro Se was doing its own audiobooks in the past for inclusion in the YESTERYEAR audiobook that never came to pass.  So, as a special treat for all who might care and as a special thank You to Derrick, please click below and listen to Mister Ferguson’s introduction to my novel, YESTERYEAR.

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