Monday, April 7, 2014

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #283 -- Memorable Comics Run

What run (and creative team) of a book that you normally wouldn't have picked up made you appreciate the title or character for the first time? And when the creative team changed, did you drop the book?

For me it was Peter David and Jim Califiore's run on Aquaman in the '90s. After all the joke Aquaman ribbing in the years previous, I really enjoyed the long-haired, hook-handed version of the character. I liked that he really started getting a respect from his peers too, and how he pretty much became the Superman level character of the undersea realms. And Califiore's art was the first to actually look like the story was taking place underwater, right down to the way the characters' hair and clothing flowed, and how it all flowed the same way (treating the current the same way an artist would treat light and shadow above ground).

I stuck around a little bit after the changeover, all the way through part of Erik Larsen's run afterwords, but it just didn't have the same sense of regal butt-kicking-ness that Peter had managed to capture. So I did end up dropping the book shortly after Peter and Jim left.

Okay, I gave you mine. What's yours?

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