Saturday, October 31, 2015

Classic Scares in Black and White

In honor of Halloween, here are the creepiest moments I remember from b/w classic horror films, the ones that I find hard to shake once I've seen them:

1. The spiral staircase and the opening to the attic from The Haunting

2. The freaky maid glides by in House on Haunted Hill


3. The final confrontation in Carnival of Souls

4. The door-banging scene in The Haunting

5. The pool scene in Cat People

6. The daughter in the basement in Night of the Living Dead

7. The pond in The Innocents

8. "One of us" in Freaks


9. Norman's mother revealed in Psycho

10. The opening of Black Sunday

11. Alas, Poor Nan from City of the Dead/Horror Hotel


 12. The "rising" of Nosferatu

13. Meeting the zombies at night in White Zombie

Honorable mentions: 

The "resurrection" in Diabolique 

 and the revelation beneath the wax in Mystery at the Wax Museum


For more great scary moments, visit and

The Queens of Scream

In honor of Halloween, here's a nod to the lovely and talented ladies who have filled my dreams and haunted my nightmares. 

Can you guess them all?