Sunday, January 30, 2022

Pushing the cobwebs around -- (i.e., a housekeeping post)

Hello all you cool cats and hot dogs!

Jus wanted to apologize for the almost two-month lag in posting to the blog. It feels like a year to me. I really missed it. 

Still, there were family health issues that couldn't be avoided, not to mention a super busy holiday season -- and the best news -- my new long-term substitute teacher job in English Literature! I know. Right?!

Anyway, I think I've gotten things back on track and beginning this week, we should hopefully be back on our regular schedule again. I've got a new article about how the influences behind your writing changes as the wheel of history rolls ever onward and an interview with a good friend gone to soon. Oh, and a movie review of one of my favorite holiday films -- that also has something to teach us about this writing life. 

Strap in.

We're gonna get rolling again, kiddos!

Much love,