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Great Britain -- Mysterious, mystical, even murderous. When such threatens this empire’s shores, only Dr. Augustus Argent, assisted by his trusted aide-de-camp Jack Stone, can seize…and save the day! From his very own author imprint, Teel James Glenn’s Otherwhens, comes the second collection of stories from award winning author Glenn featuring Dr. Argent. BRITANNIA OCCULTUS is now available in print and digital formats.

As the Minister Without Portfolio for Occult Affairs under the Good Queen Victoria, Dr. Argent uses his arcane knowledge and magical skills to keep all of the sceptered isle safe from evil occurrences of every stripe—An ancient vampire, an Arabian curse, a charlatan count, an Arthurian apparition, a werewolf killer, and an automaton assassin all menace the peace of the realm, with only Argent to stand against them.

Award winning author Teel James Glenn takes the reader on a breathtaking tour of the past with action and mystery packed tales of terror and heroism in this second volume of Argent’s adventures within the secret history of England that will always be Britannia Occultus! From Teel James Glenn's Otherwhens and Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a stunning cover and print formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono, BRITANNIA OCCULTUS  is available from Amazon for only $9.99.

Formatted by Lo Iacono, this horror-filled second volume of short stories is also available as an ebook for only $2.99. Kindle Unlimited members can read for free!

SEMPER OCCULTUS, Glenn’s first collection of Dr. Argent stories is available from Pro Se Productions on Amazon!

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In the first city of the Stone Age, a Neanderthal lawman hunts the world’s first serial killer. During a time of monstrous beasts and warring tribes, the sprawling Cro-Magnon settlement known as the Heap is a home to new things: safety, trade, peace—and law.  Red, a Broadhead exile adopted by the Heap, keeps those laws. He is a Fang, a sworn protector of the Heap’s people, and he’s dealt with everything from prehistory’s first crime lords and caveman blood feuds to forest-dwelling cannibals and mammoth stampedes. 

Now, a new terror comes to the Heap: the Blood-Spiller, a masked nightmare who kills without provocation. Red and his partner, the clever former warrior Star, struggle to catch this new killer in the flickering torchlight and primeval shadows of the dawn of mankind.  And lurking under it all, a brewing war between the Heap and Red’s Neanderthal kin—and the dark conspiracy behind the birth of civilization itself.

Writer Michael Panush delivers a truly remarkable tale set against the backdrop of mankind’s earliest presence on the planet. Artist Earl Geier provides both the cover and interior illustrations while Art Director Rob Davis the book design. An unusual adventure for pulp fans everywhere.


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Sunday, July 23, 2023

[Link] The Importance of Book Collecting: Five World Changing Reasons to Collect

by Amy Manikowski

Other than personal satisfaction and an intelligent-looking bookshelf, why collect? There are significant, even world-changing, reasons to invest in book collecting. Perhaps that is why the most wealthy, powerful, and educated people have been doing it for centuries. 

Book Collecting Decides What Goes Down In History

After his father died in 1757, Thomas Jefferson inherited the library of his father’s Shadwell Plantation. When that plantation house burned down in 1770, Jefferson mourned the loss of the books most of all. When he built his historic new home, Monticello, Jefferson amassed an even more impressive collection of nearly 10,000 books. After the British burned the Congressional Library in Washington during the War of 1812, Jefferson sold over 6,000 volumes from his collection to the Government, re-establishing the Library of Congress. 

What Jefferson had chosen to collect and care for over the years were the books the Congress of the United States would use as a reference while establishing the laws of the newly founded country. Today, the Library of Congress is the largest library in the World.

Collecting Books Aids in Preservation 

By buying and caring for books you love, you are maintaining them for future generations of collectors, buyers, and bibliophiles. Condition is vital in the trade of books, and a lovingly handled collection ensures that the texts will be available for the next crop of bibliophiles. 

Books, by nature, are made up of materials that deteriorate – paper, leather, glue. Left alone, the ink and ideas on the pages quickly fade into history. But the ideas of the past represent human truths and concrete history that are important to save. Without books, what would we know about the Roman Empire, religion, The Renaissance, or the World Wars? 

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Blackened Roots: An Anthology Of The Undead is finally out! 

Mocha Memoirs Press and Nightlight Podcast are proud to present Blackened Roots: An Anthology of the Undead – a groundbreaking anthology celebrating nontraditional zombie stories from the African diaspora. The anthology is co-edited by Stoker-nominated and award-winning editor and writer Nicole Givens Kurtz and 2022 World Fantasy Award® Winner and 2022 Ignyte® Winner, producer, and editor Tonia Ransom at NIGHTLIGHT.

Blackened Roots is a unique collection and will be a must-have for zombie lovers. Blackened Roots takes the zombie mythos back to its roots. Drawing from a variety of cultural backgrounds, Blackened Roots imagines a world of horror and wonder where Black protagonists take center stage – as zombies, as hunters, as heroes. From a haunting recipe to sibling rivalry, a singing zombie cowboy, a slave ship, and disobedient gods stories, Blackened Roots is a groundbreaking Afrocentric zombie anthology celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the African Diaspora.

Featuring stories by award-winning authors Eden Royce, Craig L. Gidney, Milton Davis, Sumiko Saulson, Marc Abbott, Moustapha Mbacké Diop, Steven Van Patten, Brandon Massey, and Errick Nunnally.

Friday, July 21, 2023

John French Gives in to THE WAGES OF SYN

A new book by award-winning author John French, THE WAGES OF SYN, from Bold Venture Press, has 10 stories featuring Jericho Syn, alias The Scarecrow — the progeny of an early 18th Century character, Christopher Syn, a small-town doctor and vicar -turned pirate, smuggler and lawbreaker in a collection of books by Russell Thorndike. The earlier Syn creates an elaborate scarecrow costume, with eerie luminous paint, rides at night and has many encounters but, is killed at the end.  Like many characters who have survived in literature to the present including Zorro, known to have influenced new costumed vigilante-types like Batman, Syn left heirs. In John French’s Wages of Syn, the progeny Jericho Syn is an extremely likable character who doesn’t wear a costume at all, but is a slender, messy-haired fellow who walks a fine line between crime and the law. Like his ancestor, he is known to the hoods, the mob and the law as The Scarecrow. He deals in penance and he makes sure that the guilty always pay.

Lurking in The Shadows, shining law and vengeance on the city’s underbelly in Harbor City there are the police, and there’s the Outfit. And in the middle Syn walks a fine line between crime and the law. Known as the Scarecrow, he’s the man to see when no one else can or will help you.

Syn knows where the bodies are buried. He should — he’s put a few in the ground himself. But he’s always willing to help if the cause is just and the money is right.

So if you’re in trouble and don’t know where to turn, just step into The Shadows and look for Jericho Syn in the back booth. It’s dark there, better for him to hear your confession. But don’t expect absolution. The Scarecrow only deals in penance and he makes certain the guilty always pay. 

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On April 4, 2021, Genre Fiction in general and the New Pulp Movement specifically lost one of its most creative and beloved voices. On that date, Derrick Ferguson, the creator of Dillon and other fantastic characters, passed away. Pro Se Productions, the publisher of Derrick’s Dillon at the time of his passing, had in the months prior given Derrick his own author imprint-DERRICK FERGUSON’S POWER PLAY.  Pro Se Productions is now honored and privileged to announce that not only will the imprint continue, but new stories, digest novels, anthologies, and novels based on Derrick’s works as well unpublished works by Derrick will be produced, thanks to a licensing agreement between Pro Se and Derrick Ferguson’s estate, as represented by his wife Patricia.

“I literally owe my writing and publishing career to Derrick Ferguson,” says Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions. “Meeting through fan fiction, Derrick showed an appreciation for the way I wrote and when he saw an opportunity for me to propose something to an anthology that he felt would be perfect for me, he not only suggested, but he in his way also demanded that I submit something. I did that, got accepted and published and now I have the unquestionable honor of being allowed to do something that, while bittersweet, is precious to me. Pro Se will continue to publish not only Derrick’s remaining unpublished stories, but we will also be making calls for anthologies, short stories, and novels featuring Derrick’s prolific cast of characters. From Mongrel to Diamondback to Sebastian Red to so many others, writers touched by Derrick’s kindness through the years as well as his presence as an author will now have the chance to add their voices to the worlds Derrick created. And yes, this also most assuredly includes Dillon.”

For many readers and authors in the New Pulp Movement, Dillon is the penultimate New Pulp creation, due in large part to the various influences wrapped up in the character as well as Derrick’s passionate, out-of-the-box storytelling.  

Thanks to this licensing arrangement, two works under the POWER PLAY imprint will be out before the end of the year for certain-DERRICK FERGUSON’S DILLON: THE ODD JOBS VOLUME TWO featuring short stories focused on Dillon’s supporting cast written by other authors and WE ALL RISE, an anthology tribute to Derrick’s impact on multiple New Pulp creators. Other works are also in the queue, including a series written by Derrick Ferguson and author Joel Jenkins that will be published by Pro Se as a single collection.


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Jesse Frost was a rising star in the worldwide conglomerate communication giant known as Megaplex. But when he accidentally stumbles upon a top-secret project underway that will subvert soon to be launched satellites to illegally benefit the company, he attempts to contact the authorities. In the process finds himself the target of hired assassins. In a desperate last act, he contacts the Daye Foundation via a library computer. The mysterious organization has ads offering to assistance to anyone in jeopardy, regardless of the circumstances.

Help arrives too late to save Frost, but a mysterious agent from the Foundation known only as Solitaire takes on the assignment of uncovering Megaplex's plans and finding the man responsible for Frost’s death. It is an assignment that will take the super spy from New York to Japan and finally to the desert outback of Australia. Write Lee Houston Jr. offers up a brand new pulp hero in this thrill-a-minute adventure that will soon have readers mesmerized. Solitaire’s debut appearance is a welcome addition to the role of new modern-day avengers.

Artist Chuck Bordell provides the interior illustrations while Pulp Factory Award Winner Ted Hammond the beautiful cover. This is the first in a new ongoing series.


Now available at Amazon.